The instructor for this course has not yet been determined (TBA). Once the instructor is selected, the course may need to change its delivery method. If this course changes to an Online course, you will be required to pay an Online Course Fee of $100.00.
All individuals who take Distance Education Classes--no matter the mode of delivery--must have access to an internet based connection at DSL speed or better.

This course uses Moodle for online course delivery. It is mandatory that you review the Student Moodle Orientation Course at: prior to the start of the course. Select the Enroll me in this Course link on the left panel. Use your user id and password to log into Moodle. If you have any questions accessing Moodle please contact the Helpdesk. Email: Phone: (906) 635 - 6677.

Please note: Certain states currently prohibit LSSU from offering enrollment in online courses unless the student is physically located at our Michigan campus. For additional information, please go to: