This is a 3 credits practicum course in which students, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, conduct a scholarly project related to the animal health issues, animal behavior, reproduction, and daily care of animals, etc. agreed upon by the student and his/her faculty mentor and a supervisor in the related animal hospital/clinics or animal farm/animal shelter/Zoo facilities.

The student will spend a total of 6-7 hours each week working in the animal facilities, plus reading related materials and write journals and reports for what he/she did and learned from the internship, and will report to the instructor every week. Finally, the faculty instructor will send an evaluation form to their on-site supervisor for assessment of the student performance during the intern.

The student should work for a total of 80 hours (6-7 hours/week, total 12 weeks; Starts May 10 till July 31, 2021) for the Biology internship. Mostly the student will work in the related animal facilities or TBA.

After taking the internship, the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability/skills to follow the working rules and procedures in a real-world veterinary/farm/zoo animal facility

2. List the common pet/farm animal diseases and describe the related symptoms and causes.

3. show verbal and communication skills through proper explanation of daily care for normal and sick animals.